As we move into the autumn, there seems little doubt that 2020 will be a year we will remember for a long time. Against all the challenges and difficulties, we will also remember incredible stories of resilience. The resilience of front-line workers, especially in our health care system, the resilience of our families living through lockdown and home schooling, and even the surprising resilience of our economy which has absorbed an historic amount of shock.

As we all adjust to the “new normal” we will endeavour to keep you informed about how to stay on track with your financial goals. As part of that effort, here is the Fall edition of our newsletter, including these useful articles:

  • If you are finding it hard to stay committed to your saving and investing schedule, see the article on Page 1 for ideas about how small actions now can help you achieve your long-term goals.
  • For most of us, a secure and successful retirement is our number one investing goal. Our Page 3 article has some food for thought on retirement investing.

As the year winds down, remember we’re always available to discuss your financial goals, challenges, and plans, whether it’s a quick chat now or a more formal review. Let us help you build your own sense of financial resilience.


PS. The final months of the year contain some key financial deadlines and some planning opportunities. It is an ideal time for a financial check-in. Why not give us a call? We’re here to help!