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The traditional approach to wealth management is broken!

There is a SMARTER way.

At MRG Wealth Management, our unique and innovative approach to wealth management helps you achieve your financial and life-long goals. We’ve created a simplified, streamlined system that encompasses your financial life under one umbrella, providing you with more clarity and confidence to make smart decisions. We can help you live the life you want, experience the difference.

The problems with the
traditional approach

Pushing products instead of providing personalized solutions

Inefficient investment portfolios consisting of just stocks, bonds, mutuals funds, and/or ETFs

Missing tax-optimization and financial planning opportunities

High fees, commissions, and unclear fee structures

For too long, the same old traditional approaches to investing have reigned. It has resulted in professionals, business owners and retirees having to work longer and harder to achieve their goals with many never achieving them.

There is a smarter way.

Our innovative Smart Money System™ and exclusive strategies break the mould of traditional approaches, delivering value and results for our clients.

Is your money working harder, or SMARTER?

Average Canadian

Just 2 asset classes

(Focused on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs – Illustration purposes only)


High Net-Worth

5+ asset classes

(Tiger 21 Members Q1 2021 Asset Allocation)

Canada Pension Plan

5+ asset classes

(CPP 2020 Annual Report)

Your needs changed.
Financial firms didn’t.

Wealth management in Calgary and across Canada should give you confidence, clarity, and control over your finances and help you experience more in life. That’s what we offer.

The more control and information you have to make smart decisions, the better your results will be. Our Calgary financial advisors are focused on providing you with the best financial opportunities to maximize your wealth and secure your future. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident making smart decisions with your money with us guiding you.

How M|R|G Wealth Management is changing wealth management:

Wealth Management Based On You

While other wealth management firms in Calgary and across Canada focus on products, we focus on you. As an independent advisor, our model is based on your financial situation, potential challenges and personal goals. We won’t sell you particular products due to allegiances, nor create standardized cookie-cutter financial plans with zero value. We truly believe that a personalized strategy will maximize your wealth, protect your future and enable you to live the life you want.

Experience A Smarter
Wealth Management System

Proven Financial

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Proven Financial

Our innovative Smart Money System™ has helped professionals and business owners retire earlier and retirees have more income in retirement. You'll experience the benefits of this system with us.

Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

Your financial plan will be tailored and built entirely around your situation and life-long goals while integrating the 6 critical areas of your life. If your situation changes, so will the plan, so you never lose track of achieving your ambitions.

Institutional Style

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Institutional Style

Our wealth strategies are not common nor commonly available. Combining our specialized knowledge, partnerships with industry leaders, and technology, we can offer our clients wealth strategies that are often only available to institutions and ultra-high net worth Canadians.

Professional Team

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Professional Team

Each client works with a dedicated team consisting of a designated accountant, designated financial planner, professional investment advisor, and professional insurance advisor to help make the financial journey easier and more efficient.

Fair & Transparent
Fee Structure

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Fair & Transparent
Fee Structure

We believe in a simplified, fair, and transparent fee structure that makes it easy for you to know what you're paying. Due to our firm size, partnerships, and technology we are able to pass cost savings to our clients.

Why partner with us?

Simple. We can get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Proven Financial System

Exclusive Strategies

Specialized Knowledge

Relationships & Support


We Care About You & Results.

Relationship focused, results driven.

It’s a comfortable feeling, knowing that your financial future and wealth management are managed by professionals who care and deliver results. Let us stay on top of the latest market moves, track your progress towards your goals, and obsess over the little details that make all the difference. From retirement planning to private wealth management, let’s maximize your wealth. Together.

Proven Results

How We Help

Financial Planning

Our Smart Money System™ helps you simplify and integrate your financial life, obtain clarity and confidence in your financial decisions, and empowers you to experience more in life.

Investment Management

An investment strategy that helps you make smart decisions about your wealth and takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance solutions based on your needs and integrated with your overall wealth strategy

Smart Strategies

Education Affiliations

Learn the best retirement strategy you have never heard of.

It’s a strategy big banks and advising firms aren’t doing. We figured out how to do it for our clients. We can do it for you, too.

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