An integrated and
approach to your
retirement strategy.

Build a tailored wealth strategy to help you live
the life you want.

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Be Intentional. Experience More.

Your retirement should be enjoyable not stressful.

Here’s the problem:
Not knowing and wondering if you will be ok in retirement
Lack of a trusted partner to support you with your financial decisions
Worrying about the market drops and loosing your hard earned wealth
Lack of an integrated financial plan to provide you confidence and clarity
Retirement planning has to change. It shouldn’t just be about investments. It should incorporate all areas of your financial life in a tax-optimized wealth strategy that adapts with you and helps you live the life you want.

You changed. Outdated retirement
planning never did.

Tired of not getting the service and value you need?

Us too. We built an integrated financial system designed to understand your needs and deliver personalized service and value to help you achieve your goals.

Can you live the retirement life you want?

We can help you have more retirement income to live the life you want with our proven financial system and exclusive strategies.

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You’ve worked your whole life to get here, without a clear plan it makes sense why your worried if you’ll be ok.

We’ll help you live the life you want with confidence and clarity around your financial decisions.

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How we help you live the life you want

MRG Financial Planning System™

Simplified, integrated, and effective financial management that helps you experience more in life.

Financial Planning

*Investment services provided by MRG Investments of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Investment Management*

Investment strategy tailored to your needs and goals with a simplified and transparent fee structure.

Investment Management

*Investment services provided by MRG Investments of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

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Your Big Retirement Challenge

Learn how to manage your big retirement challenge and avoid the 3 biggest mistakes many Canadians are making (recorded webinar)


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