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Our Value Stacking Planning System™ helps you simplify and integrate your financial life, obtain clarity and confidence in your financial decisions, and empowers you to experience more in life.

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It’s time your needs are met. At MRG Wealth Management, our financial planners in Calgary understand that to plan a successful and comfortable future, your financial situation and needs must be understood. It’s what we’ll do.

Our certified financial planners will listen to your goals and build an integrated and personalized financial system that delivers on them. If your lifestyle evolves, we’ll update your plan so you still live the life you want while providing life-changing wealth management services.

Value Stacking Planning System™

Our Value Stacking Planning System™ helps you simplify and integrate your financial life, obtain clarity and confidence in your financial decisions, and empowers you to experience more in life.
Minimize tax obligation. How can I pay less tax?
Risk Management
Mitigate risks with insurance and planning. Where am I vulnerable?
Preserve and grow financial assets. Where should I invest?
Analyze current and future financial position. Am I on track?
Plan retirement lifestyle and cash flow. Will I have enough?
Plan transition of assets. Will my intentions be executed?
*Investment services provided by MRG Investments of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Financial Planners with
an Unique Approach

We know that the traditional approach to investing and financial planning no longer works. Our unique financial planning approach is built on a proven financial system that integrates your six critical financial areas, enabling you to experience synergies and value that you haven’t experienced before. Most importantly, it helps you achieve your goals in an efficient and effective process. Your financial planning experience with us will include your values and goals, potential challenges, risks and vulnerabilities, a thorough review of your investment portfolio, opportunities, and a detailed roadmap to success. Experience a new, unique way with our financial planners in Calgary.

Professional Financing Planning & Advice

Proven Financial

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Proven Financial

Our successful approach is designed on our exclusive Value Stacking Planning System™. This allows us to build a plan around your needs and delivers on your goals.

Exclusive Financial

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Exclusive Financial

Unlike other financial advisors that promote specific or typical investment opportunities, we focus on game-changing strategies, uniquely designed around your situation and objectives.

Certified Financial

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Certified Financial

Our financial advisors in Calgary are designated Certified Financial Planners by FP Canada, the Canadian organization responsible for certifying professional financial planners and leading the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada.

Specialized Tax

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Specialized Tax

Our financial planners in Calgary are designated Chartered Professional Accounts by CPA Canada, the Canadian organization responsible for certifying professional accountants.

Relationships &

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Relationships &

We believe in forming a foundation of trust, honesty and fairness. With open communication and transparency, we want to develop a strong relationship that secures your future.

How are you managing the 5 big challenges that can
jeopardize your financial future?

We have the expertise and solutions to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Market Correction

resulting in you losing money

Limited Growth

resulting in you not achieving your goals


resulting in you having less of your hard earned wealth

Unmanaged risk

resulting in major impacts to your financial future

Lack of Planning

resulting in costly mistakes

Client Success Process

The first step is to have an introductory meeting or call so we can understand your financial challenges and uncover what you’re truly trying to accomplish as you learn more about how our financial planning system can help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in both financial planning and investment management support then we have another meeting to discuss our investment philosophy in detail before you decide to become a client.  Financial planning is included for investment management clients so no need to pay the planning fees.  See Investment Management page for more details.

Schedule Introduction Call

It is important to understand where you want to go and why you want to go there so we can work together to build an effective and efficient strategy to get you there. We will discuss your value/goals/challenges, review your current financial state for vulnerabilities and opportunities, and build a roadmap of next steps to help you achieve your goals.
Based on your values and goals, we work together to build you an integrated wealth strategy tailored to your specific situation and designed to help you achieve your goals. We will discuss your proposed wealth strategy, make updates as required, and ensure you understand all components including the value and simplified next steps to implement.
1st Draft – Any plan is outdated as soon as it is printed (life is always changing)
A key to success is continually monitoring and adjusting your wealth strategy based on life, economic, and political changes. Through regular communication and updates, we help you stay on track to achieve your goals regardless of what curve balls life may throw your way.

Financial System: a collection of plans with continual updates Financial Plan: 1 and done, outdated as soon as printed

Our Calgary Financial Planners
Make Wealth Simple

You want the best financial planners possible for your future. With our team, you have them. From retirement planning to estate planning and everything in between, we can help all individuals in different professions and industries, small and large business owners and retirees looking to enjoy their life. We understand the complex economic variables and how it relates to your situation. You’ll feel comfortable and confident with your financial decisions as we’ll make attaining your secure financial future simple.

Value Stacking Planning Levels

Want to get started? Select the plan that fits you most.

Value & Goals

Vulnerabilities & Opportunities

Personal Balance Sheet

Personal Cash Flow Analysis

Retirement Plan

CPP/OAS Maximization

Withdrawal Plan

Investment Plan

Risk Management Plan

Tax Minimization

Estate Plan

Child Education Plan


Everything in Family +

Corporate Wealth Strategies

Legal Structure Review

Corporate Investment Review

Corporate Investment Plan

Corporate Insurance Review

Group Benefits Assessment

Business Continuation Assessment (Buy/Sell)

Corporate Risk Management & Insurance Plan

Corporate Succession Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is an in-depth assessment to determine the factors involved in your financial decisions and to discover where your financial vulnerabilities may lie. MRG is happy to offer a complimentary Financial Vulnerability Assessment.
We are 100% independent and have no allegiances to a particular product or company. We believe being independent allows us to provide our clients with the best financial outcomes.
It is a simplified, integrated, and effective financial management system that integrates the six critical components of your financial life, enabling you to experience synergies and value that helps you experience more in life. It consists of Financial Management, Tax Optimization, Risk Management & Insurance, Retirement Planning, Investments, and Estate Planning.

Knowledge and understanding
leads to increased success

MRG Financial Vulnerability Assessment
Our quick online assessment tool can help you understand your vulnerabilities.
MRG Sample Strategic Plan
An example of what MRG Strategic Planning looks like for our clients.

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