Tax-Optimized Insurance Solutions

We can help you find the best insurance solutions for your needs and integrate with your overall financial planning strategy

Needs Based Insurance Solutions

Tax optimized protection and strategies for yourself, your family, and your business.


Financial protection for unexpected death and tax strategies for tax sheltered investment growth


Financial protection for unexpected loss of income due to health or accident and opportunity to get 50% refunded back if you don’t use

Critical Illness

Financial protection for unexpected critical illness with opportunity to get 100% refunded back if you don’t use

Long Term Care

Financial coverage to help protect against significant healthcare costs if you are not able to care for yourself


Financial protection for unexpected issues while traveling Quote & Apply for travel insurance

Health & Dental

Financial coverage to help pay for items provincial healthcare plans don’t cover like medical, dental, etc Quote & Apply for health & dental insurance

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We work with many of the major insurance companies across Canada to build the best solutions for your needs.

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Learn more about using Life Insurance as a tax sheltered investment and how to access the value while you are living

Personally owned Life Insurance

Corporately owned Life Insurance